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Teeth Whitening | Douglas A. Bleyenburg DDS | Holland, Michigan

Smile Brighter With Whiter Teeth

Give them your brightest, whitest smile! Treat your teeth with whiteners!

Get rid of that closed-lip smile! Open up and dazzle everyone with a look that exudes confidence and friendliness.

Safe, effective teeth whitening by Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S. can make you look years younger and, more importantly, help you relax and enjoy social situations. Your smile says a lot about you – let it speak intensely! Call Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S. to schedule an appointment.

Choose Your Teeth Whitening Course

We will help you pick the tooth bleaching program that works best for the way you spend your time.

Fight Back Against Tooth Discolorations

Do you drink a lot of coffee or cola? Enjoy a good glass of red wine? Do you smoke? Chemicals in these products can easily cover the natural whiteness of your teeth, but our treatments can help remove discolorations and restore the look your teeth once had.

Repair More Permanent Damage

Sometimes the wear and tear on your teeth is more than the buildup of discolorations. When that happens and your teeth need more aggressive cosmetic dentistry care, we’ll talk you through your options and help restore your smile.

Love Your
New Smile!

Whiter teeth are just
a phone call away

Call us to schedule an appointment.

(616) 392-2302
Are you 65 or older? Ask us about getting your 15% senior discount. We participate with Priority Medicare, too!
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