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Our Focus Is on Your Oral Health

If you need a gentle dentist with experience, make an appointment with Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S. today!

Get a dental plan customized to you and your dental care needs. From checkup to routine teeth cleanings, we do what it takes to get you a smile to be proud of and, equally important, a plan to maintain it.

Routine maintenance and regular appointments can ensure that your smile and general oral health is maintained. If you’re in need of a checkup and routine care, call the office of Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S. to schedule an appointment.

Routine Dental Appointments for Your Health

If you’re looking for general dentistry, the office of Douglas A. Bleyenburg DDS provides several services.

Been a While Since Your Last Dentist Appointment? No Problem!

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, relax! The office of Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable with the dental process. The office sees everyone from ages four and up. We know you will like coming back.

Dentistry Experience With a Gentle Touch

Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S has been in practice since 1995, and prides himself on providing quality dental care. His practice includes everything from routine cleanings to dentures and dental implants.

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