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Dental Implants in Holland, Michigan | Douglas A. Bleyenburg DDS

Dental Implants Replace Teeth When They Can't Be Saved

Implant is a permanent solution to missing or decayed teeth.

Your goal (and therefore our goal) will always be to keep your natural teeth, but sometimes they are missing, broken or so decayed that they cannot be saved. When that happens, implants may be the answer.

Implants are natural-looking prosthetic teeth that attach directly to your jaw bone. They are secure and long-lasting, and no one will be able to tell they are not your originals. Call Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S. for quality dental care.

Over 25 Years of Dental Implant Experience

Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S. has been working with a variety of implant brands over the past two decades.

Dental Implants - So Natural Looking No One Will Notice

Implants are not only natural looking, but – perhaps more importantly – they feel natural in your mouth when you’re talking, smiling or chewing. Soon enough you won’t know that they are even there!

Get Convenient Dental Treatment

It may be that the dental issue you’re facing is not serious enough for our implant service. In that case, we’ll help you choose less invasive cosmetic dental measures, including great looking veneers and caps.

Enjoy a Full Smile!

Replace missing teeth
with implants
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Are you 65 or older? Ask us about getting your 15% senior discount. We participate with Priority Medicare, too!

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