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Help When You Need a Root Canal

Free yourself from tooth and jaw pain. Endodontics sets things right!

The root canal is not what it used to be. Up-to-date endodontic care is often relatively painless and quick, requiring just one or two visits. Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S. will discuss the situation with you and help you understand how treatments can help you save your tooth and end the swelling, sensitivity or pain that you are experiencing.

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Why Endodontics May Be Needed

Your tooth pulp – the blood vessels that keep your tooth healthy – can become infected due to trauma, decay or other causes. When that happens, you may need to consider endodontic treatments. We will let you know what’s happening.

Expect Expert Care With Your Treatment

Your teeth and gums will be numbed with a local anesthetic during an endodontic procedure, and typically there is a 90% success rate for the treatment. However, sometimes retreatment may be necessary due to improper healing or further tooth damage or decay. Count on our over 25 years of experience.

Prevent Decay With Proper Hygiene

Prevention is always better than a cure. Ensure that your teeth are in the best health possible with regular dental visits for x-rays, cleanings, and other treatments. Our office offers complete general dentistry for you and your family.

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