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Family Dentistry | Holland, Michigan | Douglas A. Bleyenburg DDS

Family Dentistry Services for All Your Family

Turn to one office for all your dental care needs. Our focus is on family service.

At every stage in your life, you face different dental issues – from those first permanent teeth to the wear and tear that comes with age. Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S. has handled every situation, and is ready to make your family his responsibility, as well.

Your dental treatments will be caring and gentle, reflecting the attention you give your family and the expectations you have for all aspects of their health and beauty. Call Douglas A. Bleyenburg D.D.S. to schedule an appointment.

Experienced With Every Age Group

Don't Wait Around! Get the Attention You Expect

You have got places to be besides the dentist’s waiting room, and we understand that. We take pride in getting people into their appointments on time – and frequently even a few minutes early. Count on us to keep your family on schedule!

Get Rid of Tooth Pain With Endodontics

A cavity or chipped tooth can hurt when it becomes infected, but non-surgical endodontic treatments, such as a root canal, can help end the pain and restore your mouth to its normal level of comfort.

We Work Around
Your Busy Life

Evening and Saturday Appointments
(Based Upon Availability)

Call us to schedule today!

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Sometimes you need to see us right away! We take emergency appointments for anyone in your family, young, old and in between.

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